Elk Crossbow Hunting in New Mexico


The following is a letter from Allen Kerby, Regional Director New Mexico/ West Texas of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a non-profit conservation organization with a mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat. We work with federal and state agencies to help maintain, preserve, and conserve the land that wildlife inhabit. Although our main focus is on elk habitat we affect a wide variety of wildlife that live off the land. We understand that wildlife don’t have boundaries and roam wherever they need to. That is why we also work with private landowners in their quest to conserve and maintain wildlife habitat on their properties.

A great example of a relationship with HuntingExpert.Org and the private landowners is with Eliu & Miguel Romero who own the Sierra Morena ranch outside of Taos, NM. Over the past few years the RMEF has teamed up with both Mr. Romero and Miguel to do sagebrush reduction on his ranch. The purpose of this reduction is to stimulate the native grasses to come back to the area and help the habitat return to its original condition. This project has evolved to a multi year endeavor for both Mr. Romero and the Elk Foundation. We have assisted not only with funding but also with a general plan of how best to reduce the sagebrush and make the biggest impact possible on the land. The process has been a long one in regards to seeing the end goal, but when help from mother nature and the drought ending to some extent we are pleased at what we see so far in the return of native grasses to the ranch. Mr. Romero also helped the RMEF, NMGFD, and New Mexico State conduct a 3-year elk survey of the San Antonio Mountain area. We were able to collar large numbers of elk in the area and track them over this period. The information gathered was invaluable to all who participated and has given us a good look at migration around the area along with wintering patterns that are currently being used. A portion of the local elk herd reside on the ranch with many more using the ranch during the winter time.

best crossbow for hunting

The relationship between Mr. Romero and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has given us hope to continue the fight to help the elk heard survive in that area. Looking for the best crossbow for hunting? Look no more because Mr. Romero has a great incite into what it takes to promote a healthy environment so that elk and other wildlife may continue to be a part of that region.

Many RMEF members are hunters and we realize that without our help elk and other wildlife may not survive the future. It is a very important aspect to what we do that we also monitor the population of elk around the state. Besides all of the agencies work to provide habitat we must also use hunting as a tool to help control the wild populations around the state and the west. The best tool to control these growing elk populations is to provide the opportunity to hunt elk on both public and private land. Mother nature still controls a lot of what happens to wildlife and we must be able to react in certain situations to manage the herds and this can be done by regulations set for hunting in areas where elk live. Hunting has been around a long time and in some areas is a tradition passed along from one generation to the next. The RMEF is in the middle of a 5-year campaign called the “PASS IT ON “ campaign where we want to conserve 2 million acres and raise $250 million for elk and other wildlife. For more info on the RMEF please contact www.rmef.org or call 1-800-CALL-ELK.

Food Vacuum Sealers


Food stays fresher with the extra wide heat seal.  The wider seal gives more strength to your bag. So it stays closed. Its air-tight vacuum pressure seal ensures food will last longer. There is no need to worry about air leaking or getting into the bags. No more freezer burn or rotting foods either. Food stays fresh and flavor stays locked in longer than with other food storing methods. Using basic plastic containers or bags can leave your food with strange odors, freezer burn or have a bad taste after cooking.

Drawbacks of Using

While mostly a great product, it does have some minor issues.  Sometimes the air doesn’t get sucked out all the way the first time around.  The heat sealing may not work right and you have to seal the bag again.  There can be some leakage if not done properly. As a reminder, the instruction manual should be read thoroughly before use.  It does make a fair amount of noise when sealing is in progress.  It can be used with other sealing bag types. However, FoodSaver accessories have proved to work best.  The life span of this product can vary. It has been reported in some cases as lasting a minimum of 6 months.  Other consumers reported getting a lot of use out of the product over many years.  With proper care and usage it can last a long time.  Defective products should be immediately returned to the store of purchase or the manufacturer for a replacement.



The pros do outweigh the cons with this product (read more here vacuumbids.com).  The initial purchase price may be higher than other similar products. However, the ease of use and effectiveness of the product make it worth the cost.  In the end you will save money instead of wasting money by purchasing this appliance.  Families can do more bulk shopping without the fear of wasting any excess food.  Leftovers can be stored longer and re-cooked without worry of food contamination.  Food meals can be cooked and prepared ahead of time in advance.   There is no more need to buy cheap quality containers or plastic bags. They simply will not preserve food as good this food saver.  While it does have some issues it is still a very good kitchen appliance to own.  You will save time, money and food. So whether you are buying one for your home or as a gift, they are a great purchase.

Simple Meringues


Like so many things made at home, they are simply better. They’re nothing more than egg whites beaten with sugar and baked. Nothing complicated and nothing rigorous. In the most basic terms they’re fun to make. In more philosophical terms, they’re rewarding. In more practical terms, making them yourself saves money and takes your desserts to an elevated level. I am not sure what about the homemade ones tastes so much better than the store-bought, exactly. If I had to wager, it would be that the store-bought ones tend to go more for the bleachy whiteness and appearance rather than taste; this recipe produces a wholly crisp meringue whose shell has taken on the slightest trace of caramel while baking.


I tend to make a lot… a LOT… of breads that use only the yolk of the egg; a favorite recipe for bread uses 10 egg yolks and no whites. To put it plainly: there is only so much angel food cake one could eat! Needless to say, I currently have 24 frozen egg whites in the freezer. In fact, the very egg whites I used in this recipe come from a bread I made the other day that only used egg yolks. Hoe economical! Pretty frequently, I’ll make the meringues while the bread dough rises– whipping up a batch to put in the oven in about five minutes while the oven radiates into the kitchen that mild haze of warmth the yeasted bread needs to rise properly.

Now that I have pretty much sold you on the idea of making your own, whatcha goin’ to DO with all them meringues? If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Foremost, snacking. Snacking is always good. Plain and with a cuppa coffee, you can never go wrong. Serve them arranged on a patter with some fresh fruit for a classy and simple dessert.


Or, my favorite, crumble some into freshly whipped unsweetened cream to make your desserts incredible. They give the whipped cream texture, heft, and sweetness. You could also fold ample crushed meringues into whipped cream, add some flavoring and freeze it in a loaf pan for a scrumptious semifreddo. But that’s another recipe for another time.
And, if, at the end of the day, you simply cannot eat any more meringues put them into a freezer bag and pop in the freezer. They keep very well and come out even a few weeks later as if they’re never been frozen at all.

Simple Meringues

This is a very easy recipe to adjust for quantity– it’s about 3 tablespoons of sugar per egg white. Feel free to add extract or food coloring of your choice, but only after everything is whipped up. I’ve folded very finely ground pistachios into these just before I piped them out and those were very delightful. Worry not about the piping– I used a disposable zippering food storage bag that I cut the tip off of. Feel free to use a legitimate piping bag with a tip to make these rather decorated. For some reason, the whites seems to have a better texture when I don’t use fresh-out-of-the-egg whites, freezing the whites or letting them sit in the fridge for a day or three won’t harm them if you must.Additionally, you’ll see in the pictures in the post, you can make little nests out of these that are perfect little desserts when they are filled with custard, jam, whipped cream, and berries.

  • Prep Time: 05m
  • Cook Time: 02h



Preheat your best electric pasta maker to 250 (yes, it’s probably the lowest setting on the oven dial– it is on mine!). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.Put the egg whites (making sure there are no bits of shell or residue) and the pinch of salt into the very clean bowl of a stand mixer. Put whip on medium high and beat until they look frothy. Put all the sugar in a separate bowl before you start adding it– this makes it easier than scooping and counting and adding while the mixer is on. Turn up the mixer to its highest setting and gradually add in the sugar at a constant, but gentle stream. After about a minute the egg whites will be glossy and thick. Remove the whisk attachment– any egg white still on it should stand firm in stiff peaks.

Avoid over beating, meaning don’t let it get to the point where the whites look dry– they should remain glossy. Add in the vanilla and anything else you’re adding and whisk again for a moment just to combine. Use a rubber spatula to scoop all the gleaming egg whites into a piping bag or a resealable bag with a small corner cut off. (Oh, and by the way– this doesn’t have to be made with a stand mixer. Use a hand held electric whisk or a regular whisk to do the same thing.)Squeeze the meringue mixture onto a baking sheet. If the parchment is rolling and won’t stay flat, pipe a dot at each far corner between the baking sheet and the parchment to keep it down.

You should get about 24 meringues out of this, depending on your size. I made mine about 2 inches wide and about a little more than an inch tall. I’ve made larger ‘nests’ before into which I have placed ice cream or custard and I have made smaller ones for shameless snacking. You decide.Anyway, place them in the oven and bake them for a solid hour. Turn off the oven and let them sit in the warm oven for another hour or two to dry out. Let them cool completely on a wire rack before putting them into an airtight container or bag. They keep very well in the freezer and very decently not in the freezer, so long as it isn’t terribly humid. Enjoy!

Precision delivery for Pharmaceutical Cannabis


One of the great challenges facing the Pharmaceutical Marijuana industry may finally have been solved by a little device named the Syqe Inhaler – a device which can be set to deliver specific doses of the active cannabis compounds CBD and THC, which have proven to alleviate pain and muscle tension and to educe nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Until now, the delivery methods available to MMJ (Medical Marijuana) patients have not been consistent enough for the pharmaceutical industry standards, making it difficult for physicians to prescribe MMJ treatments for children or adults seeking pain relief without a strong and unpredictable cannabis high – the psychotropic compound found in the THC compound.

Traditional methods of cannabis consumption include smoking in the form of a rolled joint, or through a pipe. More recently, cannabis compounds have been reduced to oils and waxes which may be taken in through vaporisers or eaten as edible substances, but the issue of minute and predictable monitoring remained problematic for medicinal delivery.Frustrated by the negative cultural associations with the Cannabis industry, In 2007, Perry Davidson pushed for the establishment of Israel first medical cannabis programme (click here for more information), with the aim of research and development. The device was a result of David’s understanding that the cannabis compound needed to be converted into a true pharmaceutical drug, so that it would be recognised by government and health agencies. Using thermal and flow control, pre-loaded, replaceable cartridges allow patients to administer set amounts of cannabis.


The vaporizer device is also set with a feedback loop to a clinical database and to physicians who are able to make dose adjustment recommendations to suit their patients specific needs. A hospital specific device will be available by the end of this year with a home device to follow.



Who Is influential On Twitter?


It’s a good question, and one that clients are desperate to know the answer to. Everyone wants to harness the power of ‘influencers’.

So come on, who are they? Celebrities?

By their very nature, celebrities have fans, so Twitter is an ideal channel for slebs to talk about themselves and for fans to listen in. Aston Kutcher has 5 million followers – does that make him influential? Yes, but not as influential as the 0.01% that he follows back. Possibly.


All I’m saying is that influence isn’t necessarily just to do with the number of followers. They could all be spambots and inactives. So what is it to do with then?

Tons of real followers? But maybe they’re busy listening to other people, not you.

Tons of tweets? They could all be self-promotional, repetitive, auto-generated … or all three

Lots of interaction with tweeps? Great, but maybe it’s just day to day chit chat with a dozen or so buddies.

Lots of re-tweets? Again, that’s community-spirited, but are they all the obvious tweets from @mashable that everyone has seen anyway?

Is it to do with how many followers a person’s followers have? Now we’re getting closer to it. A person with 2,000 followers of which 40% are inactive or bots, 40% tweeters with fewer than 100 followers and 20% friends, family and colleagues probably has a much smaller reach than say someone with 200 followers of which 50% have themselves more than 2,000 followers. You only have to start drawing a diagram of this to see how it works.

One reason why I like the tool Twinfluence is because it looks at not only the size of a Tweeter’s network (1st and 2nd degree contacts) but also takes into account factors such as centralisation – the relative dependency of the network on just a few nodes to maintain the connectivity. For example, if you have the Twitter ear of Aston Kutcher and he retweets you, it doesn’t matter if you only have a dozen followers (although you won’t for long!), you are connected to a huge network.

There are quite a few tools now which reputedly measure Twitter influence, such as Klout (which I have used but find the results a bit erratic) andTwitterAnalyser. They all present a plethora of stats – reach, connectivity, amplification, velocity, frequency, retweets, subjects tweeted about … but of course the data needs interpretation and my feeling is it’s worth consulting a number of sources to get an all round picture. Plus, much of it is theoretical – for example, I happen to be one of the 3% of @stephenfry’s followers who he follows back, but since he has never sent me an @ reply, let alone retweeted me (boohoo!), having him in my network makes no difference to my actualinfluence level. (By the way, a good tool for finding out if a particular person follows you is DoesFollow.)

Young guy using laptop at desk

Young guy using laptop at desk

I’ll leave you with a final thought – a great point made by @mediaczar at the recent Social Media Marketing Conference in London – influencers are contextual. They are not set in stone. Their actual influence depends on a range of ever-shifting circumstances. So finding and harnessing the power of ‘key influencers’ is really like hitting a moving target.